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Personal Yoga and Relaxation Therapy, Ontspanningstherapie in Amsterdam Zuid Rivierenbuurt

Personal Yoga
Enjoy a private yoga class tailored to your personal wishes and level. All attention is focused on you! A pleasant way to discover yoga, or when you have specific questions, want to deepen the practice, are dealing with a current injury or are simply too busy to attend weekly group sessions. A tip: record the lesson on the voice recorder of your mobile phone!

I offer private and small group yoga classes, relaxation therapy, ontspanningstherapie, coaching, healing, yoga therapy and postural yoga and provide dietary/nutritional advice (I am a qualified nutritionist at HBO/Bachelor Civas and have a Medical Knowledge diploma at HBO/Bachelor Civas).

I am a member of the Vereniging Yogadocenten Nederland (Dutch yoga teachers association and the European Union of Yoga) and each year I attend several approved follow-up courses to update my skills and knowledge of
yoga, mindfulness, energetic work, nutrition, basic medical knowledge and first aid.

Please contact me for more information: info@hesterligtvoet.com or call +31(0)6 44768762
Appointments both on weekdays and in weekends, at daytime and evenings.
Cost per session of 90 minutes: €100,- (incl VAT/BTW)
Package 3 sessions of 90 minutes 10% discount: €270,- (incl VAT/BTW)
If you are unable to attend a consultation, please let me know at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise the costs will be charged.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss private in-home consultations, or corporate & event yoga and mindfulness.
At the age of sixteen I started taking yoga classes at Fred van Beek’s. Later I took a great variety of yoga training courses and completed the four-year study in Hatha Yoga Teaching at the Yoga Academie Nederland, (E-RYT 800). My teachers Gerold Guthman (trained by Rama Polderman) and Koos Zondervan (Kashmir yoga, student of Wolter Keers and Jean Klein) inspired me into Advaita Vedanta, non duality. I am grateful for their guidance.
In addition I studied
Yoga Therapy under Mukunda Stiles and Zen Meditation under Nico Tydeman. I still practice hatha yoga every day and have been giving yoga classes and therapy for over 10 years now in The Netherlands, but also in Italy.

In addition to being a yoga teacher and therapist, I am also a professional pianist and composer.
Recently I released a CD especially for yin yoga, relaxation and meditation. (http://www.hesterligtvoet.com)

Reviews: “No class is ever the same, pleasant, committed and highly skilled Hester Ligtvoet gives wonderful, relaxing yoga classes. The small group size makes it personal, there is always room for a clear explanation. Each lesson is different and always contains something new. Relax and exercise that office body of yours: it’s absolutely vital! It’s a real achievement when someone manages to lead me into the final relaxation, that state of sub-consciousness between waking and sleeping, well done, Hester!” George de B. (1966)

“My most ultimate relaxing experience of the week!” Marielle Z. (1989)

“For almost 10 years now I’ve enjoyed attending Hester’s yoga classes and I couldn’t live without them. She is a great teacher and offers lots of variety and excellent exercise guidance! No class is the same. My orthopedist is over the moon, I have no longer need of a physiotherapist and also do exercises at home.” Lidy v. K. (1943)

“I can’t imagine a week going by without Hester’s yoga classes. Such a beautiful combination of relaxing, stretching and also a bit of sport! I’ve really gained flexibility and strength. Also much attention is paid to the abdominal muscles!” Andrea W. (1967)

“Every Monday evening after the yoga class of Hester Ligtvoet, I feel completely recharged and relaxed. Calmly and skillfully Hester guides her students through the exercises. She invites you to explore your limits with full attention and to register the experiences in your body, before, during and after each exercise. A good start of the week, from which I benefit all week, especially now I manage to integrate some of the exercises into my daily routine.” Leonie P. (1967)
“I’ve never had such a wonderful yoga teacher! Hester also has a sense of humor and a very pleasant voice to listen to.” Fanette Z. (1963)

“Like I said before, I will really miss your classes. Not only your professional and diverse approach but also your lovely voice and wonderful sense of humor. Thank you, I wish you all the best! Who knows, maybe someday we'll see each other again
." Best wishes, Nel Asman” (1949)

Yoga means “to join”, “to master” or “to bring under a yoke”. In hatha yoga, “ha” (sun) stands for thinking, the mind and “tha” (moon) for feeling, the body. “Uniting” opposites ... bringing body and mind into balance, with breathing as a connecting factor. Connecting with yourself, but also with others, your everyday world and the greater whole. Space to be who you really are.

Yoga brings harmony, inner peace, confidence and breathing space. The yoga classes feature simple movements and postures in combination with breathing techniques. As a result both your body and mind will relax, your body flexibility and body awareness increase and you gain strength, vitality and positive energy. Connecting body and mind ... from the head to the heart ...

Both body and mind are “conditioned” by certain events in your life, illnesses, preferred postures, sensitivity and character. This manifests itself in a characteristic body posture, but also in pains, limitation of motion, psychological stress or hormonal complaints. Practicing yoga helps to eliminate certain conditionings and blockades. Vital energy will start to flow more freely; a free connection with yourself, your surroundings and the larger whole. Being who you are ...

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