Both body and mind are “conditioned” by certain events in your life, illnesses, preferred postures, sensitivity and character. This manifests itself in a characteristic body posture, but also in pains, limitation of motion, psychological stress or hormonal complaints. Practicing yoga helps to eliminate certain conditionings and blockades; profound relaxation; vital energy will start to flow more freely; a free connection with the real you, your surroundings and the larger whole.

Enjoy a personal yoga session or small group hatha yoga classes (please contact me for the class schedule);
experience the beneficial effects of a healing & reading session in Amsterdam Zuid Rivierenbuurt (or on location).

To book a session and more information, please email at or call +31(0)6 44768762

Hester L-214s3
Member of the
Vereniging Yogadocenten Nederland (Dutch yoga teachers association and the European Union of Yoga) and each year I attend several approved follow-up courses to update my skills and knowledge of yoga, mindfulness, energetic work, healing, reading and mediumship (José Gosschalk), nutrition, basic medical knowledge and first aid.

At the age of sixteen I started taking yoga classes at Fred van Beek’s. Later I took a great variety of yoga training courses and completed the
four-year study in Hatha Yoga Teaching at the Yoga Academie Nederland, (E-RYT 800). My teachers Gerold Guthman (trained by Rama Polderman) and Koos Zondervan (Kashmir yoga, student of Wolter Keers and Jean Klein) inspired me into Advaita Vedanta, non duality. I am still grateful for their guidance.
In addition I studied
Yoga Therapy under Mukunda Stiles and Zen Meditation under Nico Tydeman. I still practice hatha yoga every day and have been giving yoga classes and therapy since 2006 in The Netherlands, but also in France and Italy. I am a qualified nutritionist (Bachelor) and have a Medical Knowledge diploma (Bachelor)

In addition to being a yoga teacher and relaxation therapist, I am also a professional pianist and composer.
Recently I released a CD especially for yin yoga, relaxation and meditation. (

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